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4 Tips for Cleaning Fast

Everyone likes a clean and tidy space. Unfortunately, this can mean setting a few days a week aside for scrubbing, dusting, and mopping. Luckily, if you live in Kapolei, Hawaii, you can hire a professional maid service to keep your house clean 7 days a week.

Still, you may choose to tackle the chores yourself. What if we told you that there are certain things you can include in your cleaning routine, to make the process faster and less tedious? Of course, there are also some mistakes you should avoid as well, to maximize efficiency. Keep on reading. 

What is the fastest way to clean the house?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it usually depends on the size and state of your home. Apartments and smaller houses can be cleaned in a day, while larger and multiple-story houses tend to need more time. 

One thing is certain: in order to clean your house fast, you need to make a plan and incorporate it into your cleaning routine. Here are a few tips that can help you with planning:

1. Put away the clutter first

Clutter can always prolong the cleaning, especially if you don’t have specific storage places for items in your home. Before you start cleaning, make sure all items are in their proper place and that all the surfaces are clear. Not only will this allow you to clean faster, with no mess to move around, but you’ll also see the dust and dirt clearly, and scrubbing will take less time. 

2. Clean from top to bottom

This is a very important and helpful tip because of all the dust particles that linger in the air while you clean. By following the simple law of gravity, they always fall downwards, so that’s the way you should clean. Start from ceiling lights, wipe the tops of the wardrobes and cabinets with a microfiber cloth, and work your way to the floor. End the cleaning of every room by vacuuming and mopping the floors.

3. Divide by category, not room

It might seem easier to tackle one room at a time, but you don’t really want to turn your vacuum cleaner on and off every time you finish a room? Make a plan on what you’ll do first, whether it’s dusting, disinfecting surfaces, cleaning the windows, or tackling the bathroom. Next, start with the largest room and clean towards the bathroom. 

A great expert cleaning hack is to leave the bathroom as the last room to tackle, because you’ll probably use it while cleaning the other rooms. Also, vacuuming and mopping should be the final categories in your cleaning routine. To maximize efficiency, invest in a caddy or a container where you can store all your cleaning supplies so you can easily transport them around the house.

4. Make a cleaning routine

All of the above mentioned tips can help you create your own cleaning routine, and if you follow it once a week or so, you’ll become faster naturally. You will learn the pattern of your house and cleaning will be a no-brainer in no time! Try writing it down and timing each task, and then decide which things you should clean first.

Looking for a professional Kapolei maid service?

If your weekends are too precious to waste on cleaning, even with all these tips, don’t worry, Maid in Oahu is here! Contact us today to set up an appointment with some of our finest house cleaners. Take a relaxing walk at the Kapiolani Park and think about the spotless house you’ll return to after we clean it!

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