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4 Cleaning Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

What should you not do when cleaning

You don’t have to be a perfectionist for these to annoy you: dust lingering around even after you’ve just finished dusting, your clothes not smelling fresh after washing, or the simple feeling of your hands being dirty in a clean house. 

What you probably didn’t know is that these are caused by simple mistakes we make while cleaning, and they can easily be fixed. You can avoid these blunders and maintain a spotless home at all times by hiring professional house cleaners in Kapolei, HI.

We’ve made a short list of the most common mistakes people make while cleaning and tips on how to avoid them. Read on.

What should you not do when cleaning?

There is a long list of rules people should follow when cleaning, and it includes a lot of the things that are well-known to the public. But, even when we stick to all the rules, we tend to make errors like cleaning with dirty supplies or not pre-soaking extremely dirty dishes. Among these, there’s also a few simple mistakes that, if avoided, can make cleaning easier and more enjoyable: 

1. Not following the cleaning order

Has this ever happened to you? Dusting the entire room, just to find it even dustier when done?  This usually happens because you don’t follow the top to bottom rule. 

To make cleaning faster and easier, prioritize cleaning the ceiling lights, picture frames and the cabinet tops. That way, you will direct all the dust downwards. Then, when you finish the dusting part, you can easily vacuum and mop the floor to pick up all the dust that fell from the upper areas.

2. Overloading your machines

Even though they help with doing larger loads of cleaning, the washing machine and the dishwasher have a set capacity. These machines often can’t clean properly when overloaded. This can result in dishes and clothes still being stained or having a funky smell even after washing. Read the recommended capacity in the manual or simply try putting fewer items in the machine. 

If, however, the smell and stains are still there even after using smaller loads, the appliance itself may be dirty. Try running the dishwasher without the dishes or a laundry machine without clothes, but instead of detergent, pour in a few tablespoons of baking soda. By using this simple cleaning hack, you will thoroughly clean out the smell and any dirt that may be lingering inside the appliance.

3. Doing the housework alone

This one goes out to all the mothers and fathers of the world. If your children are making a mess with their toys all around the house, don’t hesitate to teach them to clean up after they play. A tip like this will help you keep the mess contained in one place and start including your kids in the cleaning process. By completing small and rewarding tasks, your little ones can assist you with house cleaning and make it much faster.

4. Forgetting the doorknobs and handles

Have you ever washed your hands in the bathroom, only for them to feel dirty just minutes after you’ve walked out of the room? This can be attributed to dirty handles and doorknobs, they tend to be the areas we rarely pay attention to. 

Since most people clean their doors during the spring cleaning, the handles and doorknobs can sometimes get neglected. To fix this, think about all the handles you touch in your house and give them some scrubbing the next time you do a weekly clean. 

Thinking about hiring professional house cleaners in Kapolei, HI?

Thinking about hiring professional house cleaners in Kapolei, HI

If keeping these mistakes in mind every time you clean is too much for you, we’ve got you covered! By hiring our professional cleaning service, you can ensure your home is clean as a whistle and not worry about anything. Contact us today and we’ll send our best team, so you can take a day off and visit the Wet ‘n’ Wild aqua park while we tackle the dirt in your house!

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