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4 Reasons to Keep Your Office Space Hygienic

Ever since businesses were shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, business owners have been striving to prepare a perfect disinfection plan for reopening day. As companies are soon to resume their operations, the question of proper workplace hygiene is more pressing than ever.  If anyone was unsure of what the benefits of workplace […]

How to Disinfect Your Office to Prevent Coronavirus Infection

When Hawaii’s businesses reopen after the coronavirus pandemic subsides, taking proper care of office disinfection will be more important than ever. Wearing protective masks, limiting the number of patrons entering the stores and following a rigorous cleaning schedule will all be a normal part of doing business.  Keep up with the latest recommendations on how […]

A Guide to the Best Kitchen Disinfection

The kitchen is often the central place in a house, where the whole family gathers and feels most at home. However, kitchen surfaces can be full of germs, which can put the health of your family at risk. Routine cleaning often won’t be enough to keep bacteria and viruses at bay. Prevent food contamination and […]

How Do I Disinfect My Bathroom During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Your home should be your refuge from the daily grind and the place where you feel completely at ease. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made many homeowners apprehensive about the cleanliness of their houses. If the possibility of infection is preying on your mind, it’s time to eliminate the pathogens that accumulate on your surfaces. […]

How to Kill Coronavirus on Household Surfaces

As coronavirus forces many countries into lockdown and precautionary measures are introduced worldwide, there is a growing number of questions surrounding the virus. What we know is that it can be transmitted through respiratory droplets scattered when an infected person sneezes or coughs, as well as from contaminated surfaces. Apart from wearing protective masks, washing […]

How to Take Care of Home Hygiene During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the introduction of safety measures all around the world, immaculate home cleanliness is more important than ever. Understandably, many homeowners fear the contamination of household items and the virus’s ability to survive for quite a while on hard surfaces. So, how do we curb the spread of coronavirus and […]

What’s the Best Advice for Moving into Your First Home?

The decision to move into their first home is one of the most important breakthroughs in every young person’s life. Whether you are renting or buying a house, moving in with a partner, roommate or on your own, this is a major step towards complete independence. Organizing a move and taking care of a household […]

4 Surprising Advantages of Moving into a New Place

Everyone knows moving is difficult to organize and even tougher to carry out. It can make you anxious and stressed out over a lengthy period of time. On the other hand, after you go through the frustrating initial stages and finally settle into your new home, you will discover all the amazing perks of moving. […]

Signs You Need A Fresh Start in a New Home

Have you been feeling restless? Have you lost the sense of belonging where you currently live? Is your neighborhood beginning to look stale and underwhelming? Sometimes it’s simply time to move on. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should initiate a move, you should know how to tell if it’s time to start […]

What Are Some Habits to Form in Your New Home?

Changing homes is as exhilarating as it is stressful. This is the time to rethink your experiences so far and consider the habits you should form after you move. Once you take care of planning out the move and finally find yourself in a brand new home in the State of Hawaii, get ready to […]

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