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Tenants vs Landlords: Who’s Responsible for Cleaning?

A rental property is a common ground between the landlords and tenants. Both of them have certain rights, but when it comes to cleaning, it gets a bit complicated.

In Kaneohe, landlords usually hire move-in cleaning services to refresh the rental and save time and energy before a new tenant moves in. However, some might skip this task because the previous tenant has already cleaned it. 

Should a rental be clean when you move in?

A landlord knows their property best, so it’s always recommended to clean it after your old tenant has moved out. They might have missed something or just did a sloppy job, and that can drive away your new potential tenant. 

A clean rental is a healthy rental, and tenants are more likely to keep it that way when they move in. If your old tenant left the property in a terrible state and didn’t get their deposit back, it’s the landlord’s duty to make it habitable again.

When attempting to clean your rental, you should focus on these main areas:

  • The bathroom: We know that a bathroom can never be perfectly clean, but it should be as disinfected as possible. Add the air freshener, and it makes all the difference.
  • The mattress: Even after a few months of sleeping on it, you should air out, deep clean, or change your mattress. And when it’s for your tenant, it’s crucial that it’s in good condition. If it’s not, take the necessary steps to clean it.
  • The drainage system: It might not be the priority on the cleaning list, but it’s important that all your drains are unclogged and that the water can pass through them. Check the sinks, bathtubs, and toilets, as well as the gutter. 
  • The walls: As the place ages, the walls may develop cracks, mold and the paint can get dirty. It’s best to paint the rental before the new tenant moves in so that you can give them a fresh start in healthy conditions.
  • The attic, the basement, and the garage: If you’re renting a house and all that comes with it, these three areas might be neglected. While checking the attic, make sure that the roof is in good condition and there are no holes where the water can get through. The same goes for the basement, as the heavier rains can easily cause a flood.

Do landlords have to clean the property before the move-in?

While it’s the tenant’s responsibility to keep the place clean and in good condition, a landlord should make sure that the property is clean before the tenant moves in. Most landlords hire a professional cleaning service to do it for them, as they do a thorough job and have all the needed equipment.

If your previous tenant cleaned your rental before moving out, you have less work to do, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean again. Double-checking if everything is clean saves you the stress of having to worry about the new tenant finding something that is dirty or broken.

Do landlords have to clean the property before the move-in

Do you live in Kaneohe and need professional move in cleaning services?

Since finding your rental in a horrifying condition is stressful enough, having to clean it yourself should not be on your to-do list. Letting the professionals tackle the dirt and grime from your previous tenant is the best thing you can do for your property. Luckily, Maid in Oahu is here to help you with that!

The cleaners we work with are equipped with the knowledge and proper supplies to clean any type of mess and gunk. Instead of worrying if everything will be clean for the new tenant, go and spend a relaxing day at Coconut Island. Contact us today!

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