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The Essential Dos & Don’ts of Home Cleaning

Even though the amazing area of Kai offers house cleaners for hire as an option at any time, most people learned that knowing the tips and tricks for house cleaning is very useful. Daily maintenance is something remotely everyone does, so ensuring that you’re doing it properly could prove quite useful. The following text gives some essential dos and don’ts specifically for this!

What are the dos and don'ts in cleaningWhat are the dos and don’ts in cleaning?

As the history of housekeeping is quite old and interesting, people have up to now figured out some basic rules you should probably follow. Some are there to ensure you stay safe while cleaning and some are simply practical, but all of them are there to ease the cleaning process.

Do clean top to bottom

To prevent dust and dirt from falling on the floor you’ve just cleaned, always start from the top and move slowly towards the bottom of every room.

If you start by tackling the floors, you’ll end up having to clean them again by the end. Some of the dust and dirt will inevitably fall to the ground when you clean, dirtying it again. It’s much more effective to just start at the top of the room.

Don’t use dry cloths for dust

Regular, dry clothes are not an effective tool for dust removal. Using them for it will only cause the dust to rise up in the air. Some of it will just fall back on the surface beating the point of dusting. Some will end up flying around, from where it can irritate your skin, eyes, and nose, especially if you are allergic. Instead, use special clothes or dusters in combination with products made for this purpose.

Do research on how to clean specific surfaces

To ensure that you’re taking care of each surface in your home in the most efficient way and that you’re not slowly destroying it through upkeep, do some research. Natural materials, for example, are especially sensitive to the wrong kind of maintenance.

Don’t disinfect before you clean

For disinfectants, whose purpose is to kill germs, to be fully effective, it’s important that you first remove filth from the surfaces you need to disinfect. 

Do follow instructions on product labels

This is a safety tip as much as a practical one. Labels on products are there for a reason. They contain safety tips, tips on how to maximize their potential, and tips on how to preserve surfaces through the years by using the correct agent in the correct amounts.

Don’t mix chemicals

Even if you’re using strictly natural or widely available homemade solutions, mixing chemicals can be quite risky. Mixing ammonia and bleach is one infamous example of two chemicals that should never be mixed. If it’s a strong, store-bought product with a long ingredient list, refrain from adding anything else to it.

Do try to make the process fun

Most people dread home maintenance. It’s time-consuming and physically taxing. But instead of focusing on just it, you could try to make cleaning more fun for yourself. It’ll be much easier to do it regularly then. Turn up the music, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, or call a friend for a chat.

Who are the most professional Kai house cleanersWho are the most professional Kai house cleaners?

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