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Top 6 Tips for Staying Safe While Cleaning

Keeping your home looking nice and fresh is not an easy task. Wherever there are people, dirt and grime are going to appear. Relying on one of the reputable providers of Kai house cleaning and disinfection services is one way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

But even if you do, you’re going to need to do some chores related to the house on a daily basis. The following text offers some advice on how to prevent risking your or your family’s health and well-being while cleaning your home.

How do you protect yourself when cleaning?

With cleaning having such a long and amazing history, it’s natural that up to now people figured out what the most important dos and don’ts of house upkeep are. In the following list, the focus will be on tips regarding your safety during the process.

1. Wear protective gear

Rubber gloves are a must when tidying your home, even if you’re not using chemicals for a specific chore. Even dust can irritate your skin or make it dry. Chemicals are just an added hazard. If you’re using harsh chemicals, consider protecting your eyes and wearing a face mask so as not to inhale any fumes.

2. Be careful with any products

Any agents used to clean, disinfect or maintain surfaces can be dangerous if not used correctly and carefully. This applies even to the natural ones, so take them seriously. To prevent accidents or injuries, you should:

  • Keep store-bought products in original packaging to avoid mix-ups and to ensure they’re kept in packaging made out of the right material
  • Read the labels on all of them to know what to pay attention to, both in terms of safety and preventing damage to the surfaces and furniture
  • Use the right kind of bottles for homemade agents, and label them correctly
  • Don’t mix chemicals, especially store-bought ones that already have a long ingredient list. Don’t mix bleach with anything but water

3. Ventilate the space as much as you can

Any kind of housekeeping will inevitably raise some dust and dirt while chemicals can create fumes that can be harsh or even dangerous to your lungs. That is why airing out the space after you finish, and as often as possible throughout the process is very important.

4. Frequently replace or wash your gear

It might sound ironic that you’ll need to clean the gear, but it’s essential. Use disinfectants on everything you can, and don’t shy away from replacing anything that can keep moisture like sponges, mops, and cloths, as often as possible. An average kitchen sponge is actually filled with bacteria, so you’ll want to disinfect and replace those pretty often.

5. Prevent accidents while doing chores

If there’s a spill – which can happen easily when you have to carry a bucket of liquid around, deal with it right away. Don’t wait for you or someone to slip on it and get injured. Don’t leave tools lying on the floor for someone to trip over.

6. Ask for help when you need it

There are simple things, even related to home maintenance, which can’t be done with just one set of hands. No need to move heavy pieces of furniture or carry hefty gear by yourself. The risk of hurting yourself is pretty big.

Instead, ask a family member or a friend for help. As a bonus, having someone around even for a little while may make home maintenance much less boring and hard to deal with.



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