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The Long & Interesting History of House Cleaning

There’s no denying that home maintenance has a significant role in the everyday life of a modern human. The ease of access to resources needed for house cleaning, from products and specialized tools to hiring house cleaners in Kai, plays a vital role in this. Discoveries that relate hygiene to health and comfort also contribute. 

But, have you ever wondered what was it like before all that?

What is the history of cleaningWhat is the history of cleaning?

The human approach to cleanliness, both personal and that of living space has changed much throughout the centuries. People have daily showers and keep their houses spotless and germ-free without thinking about it, but a few centuries ago doing such a thing wasn’t even possible.

If you already hacked all the dos and don’ts of home maintenance, and how to stay safe while you clean, it may be the time to make house maintenance more interesting by learning about its fascinating history.

Ancient times

Housekeeping has existed for as long as houses. It just changed through time and continues to change. If we take a look at ancient civilizations, depending on where we look, we can see that many of them found hygiene fairly important.

Archeological findings on the lands of many ancient civilizations show that they paid much attention to cleanliness. Egyptians, Babylonians, and Romans, for example, all made discoveries and had the infrastructure that proves keeping their bodies and living space clean and tidy was very important to people that lived on those territories back then.

Medieval times

After the last ancient civilization fell, the western world was, for a whole millennium, essentially stuck in one place. These times are infamous for the decline in quality of life, intellect, and hygiene. Cities became overcrowded, and people didn’t know that hygiene relates to health. 

Dangerous diseases spread easily, especially in places where there were many people in small spaces like it usually is in cities. Cleanliness was the privilege of the upper class, and even they didn’t fully utilize it. It was more about appearance than hygiene.

Discovery of bacteria

The discovery of bacteria happened right after the end of the Medieval era, also known as the Dark Ages. The theory of small beings that cause diseases was proven to be true. This discovery opened a path to solving the population health problem in the next decades and centuries.

While bacteria isn’t the only germ that can cause health problems, it definitely caused enough of them for this discovery to be one of the biggest of the century. And even without seeing all the germs with their eyes, people now knew that their way of life had to change in order for the ongoing health crisis to slow down and finally stop.

Era of disinfection

Even though people knew that there was a connection between germs and health, it took centuries before a chemical you could simply apply to kill them existed and was available. Chemical disinfection came to be in the second half of the 19th century, and the 20th century was a century of returning to good hygiene.

Through decades since, products became more and more popular, more sophisticated, and specific. It all brought us to today when there are so many products to choose from it might even overwhelm you.

Who are the most professional house cleaners in KaiWho are the most professional house cleaners in Kai?

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