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How to Remove Dirt Buildup Before Moving

For many people, move-out cleaning is one of the most tiring tasks related to the process of changing your home. Nevertheless, deep cleaning before you move out is something you need to take care of.

You can always ask Hawaii Kai’s expert move-out cleaners for help. But if you prefer to do things by yourself, the following text offers some guidance.

How do you get rid of dirt buildup on floors?

No matter how tidy and fresh you keep your living space, some more stubborn dirt and grime will inevitably form in certain places. And cleaning your house before you move out has to include getting rid of those persistent stains.

Floors tend to get filthy very fast. That’s why most people vacuum and mop their floors regularly. However, for this occasion, you’ll need to dig deeper and find and remove all that buildup that daily maintenance didn’t remove. To do so successfully, follow these steps:

Sweep or vacuum

First things first, you’ll want to sweep or vacuum the floors to get rid of all loose debris, dust, or pet hair. Use the smaller vacuum extension to remove everything from all the corners and creases too.

Mop the floors

The next step is mopping the floors. You can use a store-bought floor product, or, even better – you can mix a cup of white vinegar with a cup of warm water for similar results. Use a microfiber cloth on areas with more buildup that need more pressure. Try to remove as much as you can.

Scrape the tough buildup

If there is still some dirt left, it’s time for some harsher tools. A plastic scraper blade should help here. Wire sponges or metal scrapers can damage the floors, so try to avoid them. After you finish, wipe those areas once more to finish off.

How to remove caked on dust?

If you’re doing move-out cleaning as a busy homeowner, tackling stubborn dirt around the house can pose a significant challenge. It can be time-consuming and physically taxing.

Even if you dust the surfaces regularly, there are some hard-to-reach places where caked-on dust will most certainly form. Caked-on dust appears when dust mixes with moisture from the air so it creates sticky stains on surfaces. You can use a duster or a vacuum for regular dust, but this requires a different approach.

There are many products for this purpose you can buy at the stores, but homemade solutions should work just as well. This time, a dish soap solution or even essential oils should do the trick. When you finish you can wipe the surface with a vinegar or alcohol solution to remove any residue.

How do I clean up the spots where the furniture was after moving it?

Moving the furniture you plan to bring along to your new home should be one of the first items that appear on your move-out-cleaning schedule. Unfortunately, moving the furniture sometimes tends to leave stains and dents on the floors and walls around the place where the piece was.

There are various ways to get rid of them, or at least minimize the damage. It depends on what surface the stain or dent is.


If your home has carpet flooring or big carpets that had some furniture on top of them for a long time, moving it will likely leave some indentations.

The simple way to return the carpet surface back to its original state is to first leave some ice cubes on them until they melt. The fibers will slowly absorb the moisture, which will fill the dent a little bit. After that, you could use a brush, a vacuum, or even a small object like a coin to fluffen the fibers back up.


If the furniture was on wooden, laminate, or similar flooring, there are rarely any dents left behind when you move the furniture. Still, some stains may appear. Treat them the same way as you would any other dirt buildup. If your furniture has caused some bigger damage to the floors, consider asking a pro for advice or help.


Sometimes, after moving pieces of furniture that were placed against or close to the walls, they’ll leave dust stains or scuff marks. The paint used on the walls is usually delicate and easy to damage, so you’ll need to be careful when wiping them. Use a damp microfiber cloth and pat gently to remove these stains. For persistent ones, a paste of sodium bicarbonate mixed with a bit of water should help.


Who are the best Hawaii Kai’s move-out cleaners?

If you’d rather spend your day at Kaiona Beach than deal with the daunting task that is move-out cleaning, you can ask Maid in Oahu for help.

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